Wrappers Webinar Software

Best of Both Worlds?

Wrappers Webinar Software – Best of both worlds?

Have you ever seen or used a product and asked yourself “How good would this be if it had one or two additional features?” For me, that product was my final non-smartphone. I previously had a Nokia that offered web browsing, but the phone wasn’t stylish, it wasn’t intuitive, and it didn’t have any special features that excited me. Then my Boss gave me a hand-me-down Apple iPhone to use. Thank you Marc! #bestbossever

All of the core functions of the Nokia worked well, but the extra style, bigger clearer screen, intuitive interfaces and amazing easy to use applications of the iPhone blew my mind. Now I had something exciting that helped me improve my productivity and have lots more fun too.

My iPhone discovery parallels the development of the wrappers webinar software. Whilst Google+ Hangouts on Air work, they don’t have the smooth layouts and wealth of easy-to-use extra functions that the wrappers offer. If you cross-breed the simplicity and zero cost of Hangouts with the extra features of the corporate or independent software providers then you have the Wrappers.

The below video is designed to help anyone who is considering wrappers webinar software. The video showcases the features of two of the most prominent wrappers webinar software providers.

Wrappers Webinar Software – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDMi7QzbfCQ

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What are the wrappers webinar software options reviewed here?

As always, I want to help you find the best webinar software solution for YOU, which is why I have showcased the features of two wrapper webinar systems, namely:

  1. Webinar Jam
  2. Easy Webinar

How do the wrapper compare?

The distinction of the wrappers is that although they utilise Google+ Hangouts on Air as their webinar delivery system, they provide built-in add-ons that almost seamlessly integrate with hangouts to provide fully featured products.

The wrappers compare favourably on price against all of the corporates and most of the independents. They also benefit from including lots of engagement and other features. In fact, they are they are the leading webinar platform for introducing advanced marketing features.

However, because the wrappers utilise Hangouts they share a couple of the challenges posed by Hangouts. They are sometimes less reliable than the corporate and independent webinar systems in terms of audio and video quality. Also, the Hangouts time lag between when the presenter/s produce their content and the participants view the video feed still exists.

Despite their limitations there are thousands of happy wrappers users that are loyal to their preferred platform.

How do we make the best choice of wrappers webinar software?

Use the following steps when making your choice of wrappers webinar software:

  1. Identify your evaluation criteria. What features are important to you? List them down.
  2. Be on the lookout for a deal-breaker. Is there something that the software does not do well that is critical for your business or school?
  3. Get one or two others involved in making the decision. It is reassuring to present your recommended software selection to one or two other people before making a final decision. We all make mistakes sometimes and one benefit of this approach is that obtaining some other opinions can help ensure that a poor choice is avoided. This can also help create “buy-in” so that there is less resistance when your decision is finalised.
  4. Purchase your preferred system. Unfortunately, the wrappers don’t normally offer free trials like most corporate or independent systems. Don’t be deterred by this but also don’t hesitate to request your money back (the wrappers usually offer a 30-60 day money back guarantee period) if the software does not meet your expectation and is a bad fit for your needs.

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