How Long does it take to Get Good at Webinars?

How long does it take to get good at webinars? Potentially grab yourself a gold medal by watching this video.

How Long does it take to Get Good at Webinars? –

I am a busy person but I have been doing a good job so far keeping track of the Olympics. I love sport, I think the Olympics is wonderful, and I am enjoying watching the Games. One of the fun parts of watching the Olympics is watching someone “become an overnight sensation”. You know the story. Somebody your country has never heard of smashes their personal best at just the right time and all of a sudden is an Olympic medallist. Their photo is splashed all over traditional and social media and it seems that their one or two days of extraordinary performances has made them famous and successful.

Smart operators like you however will quickly appreciate that their overnight sensation success has been preceded by usually years of hard work figuring things out, exercising, strategising, making mistakes, learning from those mistakes and figuring more things out. So, are you likely to become an overnight success at webinars? Perhaps not, but I hoping that you may have already figured some stuff out prior to clicking the start button on your webinar software that will help you quickly attain the skills you need to become a respected webinar presenter. My three best tips to help you become good at presenting webinars faster are all mindset issues, as follows.

1. Don’t let fear hold you back

One of the themes I have been consistently hearing during the early episodes of the Webinar Skills Podcast is a plea from the interview guests for wannabe webinar presenters to “just get going”. As Michael Bloom explains it in Episode 7 scheduled for release on 15th August “Take imperfect action”. All good webinar presenters improve their skills over time and make some mistakes along the way. If we have a mindset that we don’t want to do any webinars until we are perfect and there is no reason to be scared then your future successes as a webinar presenter will never happen because you will never start. Instead, acknowledge your fear, practice and prepare diligently then schedule your webinar (not necessarily in that order). Don’t let the fear factor stop your future success.

2. Become an enthusiastic student

Becoming a webinar presenter is a great new set of skills to develop because you can learn by watching others whenever you want. There are lots of free webinars delivered by many of the world’s best webinar presenters. Watch them live, or if you can’t do that watch the recordings. And learn. In fact, you can learn about content of interest to you at the same time as learning their skills by watching them. That is a win-win proposition.

Become an enthusiastic student. The world’s best swimmers love swimming. It would be impossible to push through those early morning training sessions and keep improving all the finer details of improving your stroke technique and developing a fitter, better shaped body without loving getting into the pool and swimming fast. Duplicate the determination of the Olympians and get good at presenting webinars by becoming an enthusiastic student of webinars.

3. Get help

The Episode 1 guest for the Webinar Skills Podcast was John Lee Dumas from EOFire. JLD is a legend at many things, including breaking objectives down into simple quotes or action steps. One of the phrases he says a lot is that “We become great by standing on the shoulders of giants”. Find someone you respect who understands the skills you want to develop and solicit their help. Olympians become better by engaging coaches, so it makes sense to do the same if you want to fast-track your journey of becoming a successful webinar presenter. Look for a mentor in your workplace or else look for support from an experienced online presenters whose values and approaches mimic what you want to do. This is perhaps the critical step to getting good faster at virtually anything, including presenting webinars. Tennis immortal Roger Federer has always had a coach. Need I say more?

In summary, don’t let fear hold you back, become an enthusiastic student and get the help you need to get good at presenting webinars quickly. Go for gold!

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How long do YOU think it takes to get good at webinars?

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