Webinar Success Mindset: Your Free 1 Minute Self-Assessment

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Webinar success mindset? Do you have one? Here’s my thoughts….

When I finished school I didn’t know what I wanted to do and ultimately I settled on two options.

  • ​Option 1: Do a Uni course in Economics. I L-O-V-E-D economics. Seriously. Yeah, I know. Go figure.
  • Option 2: I didn’t know what law was really about, but an advisor at a careers day told me lawyers made lots of money. I liked the idea of lots of money, so becoming a lawyer sounded good. ​

I then decided to do what horse-racing people call an each-way bet and I applied to do a combined economics-law double degree at the prestigious University of Queensland.

I got started. I still loved economics. I found law really boring. I forgot about the money and followed what I loved doing. I dropped law and crushed it in economics. That was a great life lesson for me and I am lucky to still be doing what I love today by teaching about webinars.

What I find fascinating is that sometimes people tell me they are worried about putting in the effort to become a webinar presenter because the technology has been around for several years now and they can’t be sure there will be good jobs for them.

However, I guarantee that if their son or daughter announced that they wanted to be a lawyer that this fear of scarcity of positions would not enter their mind. Lawyers have been around so long that no-one thinks those jobs are ever going to dry up. The bottom line is if you commit to becoming a really good lawyer and you embrace the challenge of learning and practising your new skills the chances are you will succeed. And it is no different for webinar presenters.

The world would like more webinar presenters. What we really need is more awesome webinar presenters. And I encourage you to commit to learning more and to practise developing improved webinar skills. If you do this then you will find people who will want to hire your special talents.

And if I can help you along the way then I will enjoy doing that even if you don’t pay me lawyer’s rates.

Do you have a webinar success mindset?

So, do you have a webinar success mindset? Here are 3 quick questions for you to do a speedy self-assessment? Don’t think too hard about this and just instinctively answer the questions as either “yes” or “no”.

  1. If I develop the technical skills and confidence to present webinars would I enjoy delivering them on a regular basis?
  2. Am I willing to put in the time and energy to learn how to present webinars like a pro?
  3. Would it be fun for me to develop webinar presentation slides and share my knowledge and experience with the world?

If you answer 2 or more of these questions with a “yes” then I am confident you have the webinar success mindset that will enable you to become a super webinar presenter if you decide to push forward towards that goal. If however, you score less than 2 then I hesitate to label your situation as “#massivefail”. Instead, let’s just say that for now you may be “Not Yet Competent” in terms of being ready to push forward towards becoming a webinar presenting superstar.

Do you want access to my webinar recording about webinar software?

On the same day as I posted this training article I presented a webinar which was:

Webinar Success

I am sorry you missed the webinar but I kept a recording for you. If you want some inside help to identify the webinar software that is right for you watch the recording.

How did you go with the Webinar Success Mindset Self-Assessment?

I am interested to know how the self-assessment worked out for you? You may not want to share your results with the world, but I would be eager to hear your thoughts and offer any support or feedback that I can so I invite you to send me a message and I promise to reply.

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