What is Webinar Software?

An inside look at webinar software options

In December 2013 I was excited and scared. I had booked a family cruise aboard Carnival Spirit, which had just added the “Green Thunder“. It was promoted as the “steepest, fastest waterslide at sea”. I love cruising. I love waterslides. But I hate being scared.

I was conflicted, but despite the almost vertical drop start I knew I needed to experience the Green Thunder “from the inside”.

Just like my experience with the Green Thunder, the best way I can quickly demonstrate your options with webinar software is to show you from the inside. You are welcome to be excited but I don’t see any reason to be scared. Enjoy the video.

What is Webinar Software? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc6EVxYidx8

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I am a huge fan of webinar software. I might get an “I love webinars” tattoo. OK, not really. Webinars give us the opportunity to showcase our knowledge and skills to anybody anywhere in the world. People who embrace webinars and other live streaming technology have a huge advantage compared to those who do not use these emerging tools. I think this applies to both work and home.

What happened with the Green Thunder?

I did the Green Thunder three times. I didn’t die. It was frightening but I was proud of doing something that was outside my comfort zone and giving it a go. I still remember the frightening feeling of the floor dropping away and then me falling. It was a rush. Will I ever go on it again? Probably not. As we say in Australia – “Been there. Done that.”

Webinar Software

Image courtesy of Karen Noud

What do You Think about Webinar Software?

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