Choosing a Webinar Provider: Leap into the Sandpit

Insider Tip 2

Choosing a webinar provider is an important decision. The video below gives you the second of a series of insider tips to help you make the right choice first time.

Choosing a Webinar Provider: Leap into the Sandpit –

Leap into the Sandpit to Choose a Webinar Provider

My previous training article and video were the first of a series dedicated to helping you identify the best webinar provider for you. In that article and video I encouraged you to become a webinar student. After you have commenced your studies the next step is to leap into the sandpit.

Jump in like you are a World Champion long jumper and play. Most webinar software programs give you the opportunity to trial their software for typically 30 days. As Nike say, “Just do it”. Trial software that appeals to you. Play with it by yourself then with a friend then with a few colleagues. Test out your bandwidth and your abilities to manage the software features. Jump into the sandpit with enthusiasm and take the time to play with 1, 2  or more software programs until you are ready to make a good decision. Don’t feel rushed. “Patience you must have, my young Padawan”, as Yoda said to Luke (Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back). Test everything that is important to you and then you will be able to confidently select your webinar provider.

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