Choosing a Webinar Provider: Know your Numbers

Insider Tip 4

Webinar provider numbers? Huh? Choosing a webinar provider is a decision that benefits from cold hard facts. Numbers can provide those facts. The video below gives you the fourth of a series of insider tips to help you make the right choice first time.

Choosing a Webinar Provider: Know Your Numbers –

After completing school I studied economics for four years. I then taught economics and quantitative analysis at Griffith University’s Gold Coast Campus. I guess that gives you some insight into how much I love numbers. It makes sense then that I intuitively look for numbers to help me make sense of webinar providers. And sure enough there are some critical numbers you need to know in order to make the right purchase decision for you.

Know Your Numbers

Fundamentally, there are three webinar provider numbers you need to understand before you commit to purchasing your webinar software.

  1. Know the pricing and purchase conditions. Understand if you are being locked into a contract and if so know about your early termination options and the minimum cost you will be required to pay even if you decide to abandon the software.
  2. Understand your maximum participation numbers. Webinar provider numbers are measured differently depending upon which webinar software program you are evaluating. Some providers identify maximum registration numbers while others stipulate maximum attendee numbers. There can be a huge difference between the two as show-up rates vary substantially. Many webinar providers have tiered pricing. Don’t unnecessarily commit to a contract for a tier where the benefits of having that tier require registration/attendee numbers exceed your expectations, especially if you retain an option to upgrade your package at a later stage without any penalty. Usually the webinar providers can process an upgrade relatively quickly (several days) so if you become surprised by increasing webinar registrations then you will normally have sufficient time to upgrade your package in preference to missing out on potential registrants/attendees.
  3. Investigate the phone number or other support options. Some webinar providers provide phone support options. Find this out. If this is the case write the number/s down in a very safe place so you can lay your eyes on it at a moment’s notice (especially if you encounter a technical failure during a webinar). Many webinar providers do not offer phone support, but they may offer email support or use website based support services that generate tickets for identified issues. In coming years I expect webinar providers to start offering live messaging and chat support options too. Before you select your software ask about support options and know the numbers as to how quickly that support will respond to you when you need it.

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What webinar provider numbers do we need to know?

Have I forgotten something important? What are the important webinar provider numbers we all need to consider before purchasing software. Please click here to share your ideas in the YouTube video comments.

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