Four Types of Webinar Platforms

What are the webinar platforms and how are they different?

There are four types of  webinar platforms. This page and the video below explain the differences.

My wife and I have been recently discussing buying a new car. We started tossing around model options like the Lancer, ASX, X-Trail, Odyssey and many more. We found it very difficult to focus on what we wanted until we stopped and had another discussion first. What type of car do we want? Specifically, did we want a sedan or an SUV or a wagon? After making this decision we had some clarity. Deciding upon the type of car before choosing a model helped us make a much better decision.

In the same way that understanding the different types of cars is a prerequisite for obtaining the right model to purchase this article and the below video break down the different webinar software options. Indeed, understanding the different types of webinar platforms is the starting point for choosing the right webinar software for you. The four types are explained in this video.

Four Types of Webinar Platforms –

Click here to obtain the Webinar Platforms Guide described in the video.

As stated in the video, we are so lucky today. There is a huge variety of webinar software for us to choose. That is a great thing but it can be a little confusing.

If you need to select webinar software or potentially adopt a new program then where do we start? The starting point before choosing any program is to look at the four different types of webinar platforms. If we make the incorrect choice of webinar platform then our choice of software may be sabotaged.

What are the four different types of webinar platforms?

They are:

  1. Corporates
  2. Independents
  3. Google+ Hangouts on Air
  4. Wrappers

The above video identifies the differences between each of these four types of webinar platforms.

I have designed a Webinar Platforms Guide to help you make any decision between the pros and cons of the four types of webinar platforms. It includes a worksheet that will enable you to identify which one or two types of webinar platforms might be the best choice for you. The guide is free and can be downloaded here.

Do you have any observations about the four different types of webinar platforms? Please click here to have your say in the YouTube video comments.

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