5 Reasons to Buy Webinar Ninja 4.0

Webinar Ninja 4.0 is a super update compared to its previous iterations. In this article I lay out 5 reasons to buy Webinar Ninja 4.0. If you are on the lookout to purchase new webinar software this article will help you find out if the Ninja offering is a good fit for you.

I love having options. Ask my wonderful wife and she will confirm I say this all the time. For just about anything I like being able to select from multiple choices. Apparently there are people who agree with me. Ranker lists 171 different manufacturers of cars. Considering that each manufacturer offers multiple models, sometimes more than a dozen, people want the option to choose from a huge array of car types before even considering feature variations.

Consequently, it won’t surprise you to read that I like Webinar Ninja 4.0 for being an excellent addition to the growing options of webinar software choices. If an Independent option is your best choice from the four types of webinar platforms then here are 5 reasons to buy Webinar Ninja 4.0.

5 Reasons to Buy Webinar Ninja – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfkEMEoT8bA

I invite you to see or read about my detailed unboxing review of Webinar Ninja 4.0.

1. Four webinar options

Webinar Ninja 4.0 is among a handful of webinar software options that allow you to record and present multiple different types of webinars and this can be done without having to purchase any additional software. When you setup a new webinar using Webinar Ninja 4.0 you can choose between:

  • Live webinar
  • Recurring live webinar
  • Evergreen webinar
  • Anytime access

It is not unique, but still great value, that Webinar Ninja 4.0 offers different hybrid webinar options under the hood of a single webinar software program.

2. It is a live program

Earlier versions of Webinar Ninja relied upon Google+ Hangouts on Air as its underlying webinar delivery system. However, early in 2015 the ninjas cut loose the umbilical cord to hangouts. This means that when you use Webinar Ninja 4.0 there is no significant lag between when the presenter says something and the webinar participants hear it. This is magical because it makes it much easier for the webinar presenter to promote real-time engagement with their participants. It reduces some uncertainty and makes life simpler for the presenter. It provides a distinct advantage for Webinar Ninja 4.0 relative to Google+ Hangouts on Air and the Wrappers software systems that utilise Hangouts technology.

3. Very easy to use

Webinar Ninja 4.0 is VERY easy to use. For ease of use it is one of the best webinar programs from all four types of webinar platforms. Well done Ninjas.

4. Competitive pricing options

I have been shocked at the pricing for Webinar Ninja 4.0. It represents great value compared to its previous versions. Most importantly, it now offers affordable pricing for all levels of webinar users, including monthly and discounted annual payment options.

5. 14 day free trial

Webinar Ninja 4.0 has introduced a 14 day free trial. If you try it and don’t like it you can cancel your subscription within 14 days and no money changes hands. I need a “like” button for this one.

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Are these good reasons to buy Webinar Ninja 4.0?

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