Webinar Ninja 4.0 Review

Webinar Ninja 4.0 Review – What is that and why would I care?

I’m sure you are familiar with all the “crazy” people who line up at the Apple Store whenever a new iPhone, iPad, iFridge or whatever is released. I love my Apple products but I haven’t done that (yet). However, I like the idea of being so excited about a new product that I want to be first in line to look behind the curtain and see the secrets revealed.

I am an unashamed webinar nerd so I felt like I was lining up outside the Apple store this week in readiness for the release of Webinar Ninja 4.0. This release hadn’t had a lot of hype but all the signs suggested that the secret little Ninjas had been working very hard on producing something new and special. As a result, my priority this week was to line up to check it out. I was not disappointed.

For a detailed unboxing review of Webinar Ninja 4.0 watch this video.

Webinar Ninja 4.0 Review – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXznGYW8oIo

What is my summary from my Webinar Ninja 4.0 Review?

Towards the end of the video I give my summary that Webinar Ninja 4.0 is:

  • The most impressive webinar software update since Webinar Jam evolved into Webinar Jam Studio
  • Offers lots of powerful options for webinar presenters, including four different types of webinars
  • Provides a lot of flexible options for webinar presenters with different pricing options that will make it competitive for a wide spectrum of webinar presenters
  • Going to be scrutinised carefully for the reliability of their webinar software delivery system
  • Ready to attract a lot of attention from potential purchasers because of their new 14 day free trial option

Webinar Ninja 4.0 is also very quick to setup and very easy to use. Next week I will be releasing a new article and video titled “5 Reasons to Buy Webinar Ninja 4.0”. It will give specific insights into the reasons why webinar presenters might choose to adopt Webinar Ninja 4.0 as their preferred webinar software option.

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What do you think about Webinar Ninja 4.0?

Share your opinions and ask your questions about Webinar Ninja 4.0. What do you think? Please click here to share your thoughts in the YouTube video comments.

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