What are Your Webinar Goals?

Here are 11 questions to help you

Webinar goals? What are they?

Thank you for your most excellent question. I am a big believer in setting goals as a precursor to achieving the things that we want. And yes, I adopt this philosophy for webinars too.

I am not recommending that you write a long list of webinar goals to achieve during the next few months or year ahead. However, if presenting webinars is important to you then I suggest you take 5 minutes to consider 11 questions I have developed to help you and I present better webinars. Reflect, review and revise. Consider these 11 questions to help you improve your future webinars and achieve the career or business goals that are important to you.

What are Your Webinar Goals? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpdJ3CLm3rw

To help you identify your webinar goals find a quiet place inside your mind for a few minutes and ask yourself the following questions.

1. How many webinars do you want to present?

This is a very simple starter question. Considering all the different types of webinar you do, how many do you want to during the next 12 months?

2. How can you improve your webinars?

I am not giving you any hints here. Stop and think. What is one thing you can do to make your webinars better?

3. What worked well during your webinars?

Was there something you did during your previous webinars that worked well? Perhaps you did something different during one of your webinars, either deliberately or by accident, that improved that webinar? Rinse and repeat. What have you done during your webinars that you should keep doing?

4. How can you improve the marketing or promotion of your webinars?

Even if you are not responsible for securing registrations for your webinars I expect you can identify one or two ideas that are worthy of sharing about how you can get more people contributing to your webinars?

5. Which other people can help you promote your webinars?

Who is the best person who could help promote your webinars for you? Is it time to reach out and ask for help in getting the word out about what you are doing?

6. How can you improve the strategy or execution of your webinar funnel?

If you are unfamiliar with the term webinar funnel then click this link. There will be at least one way that you can improve your funnel to better assist your participants either before or after your webinar. What is it?

7. How can you improve your session planning?

If you fail to plan you plan to fail. How can you improve your planning for your webinars? What creative addition should you include in your future webinars? Is there a “flat spot”during your webinar that should be revised? Is there a long period within your webinar that does not stimulate interaction with your participants? Make it better.

8. What can you do to improve your online presentation skills?

My focus is on helping you improve your online presentation skills. How can you improve the engagement of your participants? What is one thing you can improve as a webinar presenter to become your best?

9. Should you change your webinar software or adopt an alternative live streaming format?

Is it time for you to review your choice of webinar software? Alternatively, should you be using a live streaming platform to promote your upcoming webinars? Is it time to be bold and experiment with Facebook Live?

10. What can you do to improve your webinar engagement?

What is one way you can improve your webinar engagement, perhaps by being more deliberate in how you use chat, polls, or other engagement tools?

11. How can you help people better?

The most effective webinars are those that give where you are helping people to maximum effectiveness. How can you help people better?

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Have you thought about setting webinar goals?

Is there a question or a different approach to setting webinar goals that you consider? Please click here to share your ideas in the YouTube video comments.

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