Webinar Feedback: 3 Ways to Guarantee More Responses

Webinar Feedback – It is only as good as the number and variety of responses you receive.

Webinar Feedback: 3 Ways to Guarantee More Responses – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2MaT-cjh3E

I was desperate for information on one bizarre morning back in the early 1990s. I had come into my work as a University lecturer to be immediately summoned by the Dean of the Faculty. This was unusual and usually not a good thing. On this occasion he told me that we needed a fill-in for that morning’s Advanced Marketing Research lecture because the lecturer was very ill and couldn’t come in. The lecture had to go ahead because it included essential content that was on the following week’s end of semester exam. I was identified as the only person on-site with experience in marketing research who was capable of delivering the content. Regrettably, it was an advanced unit and being the final week of the semester the content was beyond anything I had learnt. I had less than 30 minutes to prepare and I just had to give it my best shot. Ouch.

Have you been in situations where you needed to discover your A-game? One way to upgrade your skills to be ready for A-game performance is to collect more webinar feedback surveys. The more surveys you collect the more golden nuggets and little ideas you will identify to help you improve your future webinars.

How do we collect more webinar feedback?

I have identified 3 ways to guarantee that you will get more webinar feedback responses. Let’s get stuck in.

1. Ask!

To obtain webinar feedback ask for it. The Bible says “Ask and you shall receive”. Whether or not you are a believer, you can be confident that there is wisdom in these words. So then, when do you ask your webinar participants for feedback? My best answer includes all of these options:

  • Before the webinar
  • At the start of the webinar
  • During the webinar
  • At the end of the webinar
  • Immediate website re-direction at the conclusion of the webinar
  • Follow-up email after the conclusion of the webinar

You must ask. To get more survey responses you must ask for them with deliberate genuine intention. Let your attendees know that you do highly value their feedback. Don’t be dismissive about it in any way. Let them know that you really care that they provide it to you, whether what they have to say is good, bad or ugly.

2. Improve your survey design

Improve your survey design through the following general principles.

  • Ask only a small number of easy questions.
  • Ask more closed questions instead of open questions.
  • Don’t ask personal questions.
  • Don’t unnecessarily ask demographic questions.
  • Make your first question a very quick and easy one.
  • Show your survey design to at least two other people to solicit improvement ideas.

After you have taken these factors into account don’t over-think it too much. Let your survey rip out into the Universe.

3. Thank your survey respondents

After you receive a survey write to your respondents and thank them. I guarantee you that only a very small percentage of webinar presenters do this, which creates a great window of opportunity for those of us who adopt this strategy. Sending this email takes time to organise. I get that. But send it anyway because it is powerful in communicating your genuine enthusiasm for your respondent’s feedback. And as a nice side benefit to you it makes them more likely to submit feedback next time they attend one of your webinars. That is a win-win result.

What happened with the marketing research lecture?

The lecture was an awesome reminder to me about the value of preparing for training. It felt awkward. Difficult. Clumsy. Then the survey results from the students came in and they voted it the best lecture they had received all semester. Yes, seriously. You’ve gotta love feedback survey results like that.

What do you think can improve feedback for your webinars?

Do you agree that asking questions achieves interactive presentations? Which types of questions work for you? Please click here to tell me and share your thoughts in the YouTube video comments.

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