Webinar Engagement: Jerry Seinfeld Gets It

The one question you must ask if you are hiring a webinar presenter

If you are hiring a webinar presenter there is one question you must ask above all others. And if you are looking to become a webinar presenter then be ready to answer it. THE question is: “How do you create webinar engagement?”

If I am the employer I would not be primarily interested in the words the candidate uses to respond. Instead, I would focus on “how” they answer the question, particularly their non-verbals.

  • Are they excited to answer this question?
  • Are they passionate about engagement?
  • Is this something that is important to them?
  • Are they bursting at the seams to provide their answer to you?

I don’t want to hear a textbook answer. I want to hear the enthusiasm of a sixteen year old who is ready to attend their first stadium concert.

Today’s video is my reflections (and some frustrations) about webinar engagement. In some ways it is my answer to that job interview question. Click the video below and then please let me know how it makes you feel.

Webinar Engagement: Jerry Seinfeld Gets It – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkMwC5JL0LA

This month is all about webinar engagement. This training article is the first of 5 consecutive weekly articles dedicated to helping you create engaging webinars that your participants will love. Later this month I will release my new Webinar Engagement Checklist (which you can pre-order here). You will be able to use the checklist to self-assess your level of engagement when you present webinars and score yourself. If you are not yet presenting webinars then the Webinar Engagement Checklist will give you the chance to best practice engagement habits before you even start presenting webinars and avoid some bad habits.

Is webinar engagement important?

Creating engagement with your participants is critical to presenting effective webinars that help you achieve your goals. However, rather than ramble on about this myself I have gone into research mode. The following credible sources provide a wealth of explanations about webinar engagement.


“Engagement is the most important aspect of any webinar and is what makes them so effective.  Therefore, marketers need to find ways to quantify engagement throughout their program in order to gauge effectiveness and quality of content (which includes delivery).”

Shelby Britton, Webinar Engagement by Numbers, The Adobe Connect Blog


“You need to know what you are trying to accomplish — in other words, how do you define engagement — and then track progress against that goal over time.”

Kelly Barner, “Measuring Webinar Engagement“, Webinara Blog


“You’re speaking to them, looking for their responses to keep them engaged with your webinar, but they on the other hand look at you as someone that cares what they say. So it’s win-win.”

Karen Yankovich, Episode 8, Webinar Skills Podcast


“This whole idea of an attention span is, I think, a misnomer. People have an infinite attention span if you are entertaining them.”

Jerry Seinfeld quoted by Mike Delgado, Live Streaming: Strategies to Increase Audience Attention & Engagement Activity, Mike Delgado


I think Jerry Seinfeld is possibly the world’s best potential webinar presenter. If I am ever interviewing him for a role I cannot wait to ask him THE question.

How engaging are your webinars?

You can register now to obtain my free Webinar Engagement Checklist to be released later this month. Put simply, it is your chance to identify lots of options for making your webinars engaging and interesting to your participants. It will help you identify:

  • What you are doing well
  • What you can do better
  • New ideas for improving engagement

If you want to be one of the first webinar presenters to get a copy click here and it will be automatically emailed to you when it becomes available.

What do you think about creating webinar engagement?

I want to read what you think. Please click here to share your thoughts with myself and others in the YouTube video comments.

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