What makes a Spectacular Webinar?

What makes a spectacular webinar? The following video answers this question.

What makes a spectacular webinar? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEEgJOTcJmw

If you want your webinars to be “ho-hum” or dull or boring then please stop reading. However, if you want to create memorable learning experiences for your webinar participants then this article identifies the three factors that can make your webinar spectacular. To provide a “wow” experience for your attendees pay close attention to the following three items so that you can ACE your webinars: Advertising, Content and Engagement.

1. Advertising

A spectacular webinar requires attendees, usually lots of them. And to have a large number of participants requires you to successfully promote the webinar. Usually, we instinctively think of advertising as requiring a payment. Facebook marketing is very popular among the best webinar presenters who promote online products. If this is an area of interest, have a listen to Rick Mulready on Episode 2 of the Webinar Skills Podcast to secure advice for beginners about how to get started towards using Facebook marketing. Additionally, webinars can be advertised using Google AdWords, Twitter or other social media paid advertising options. Webinars can also be successfully advertised on niche sites relevant to your target market.

Alternatively, webinars can be promoted using “free” options, such as social media, your website or email broadcasts to your email list or perhaps providing your webinar details to someone else who promotes your webinar to their email list. I hesitate to write these as free options because there are real costs, most notably your time, required to attract followers, site visitors or email subscribers so that you can effectively utilise these options.

2. Content

A spectacular webinar delivers amazing content to the participants. This is critical because if the webinar content is not relevant or provides poor quality information to the participants they will leave and never return. During poor quality face-to-face training participants are inclined to “just sit there” because that’s what they learnt to do. In webinars poor quality training is reciprocated by decreasing attendance numbers. In the relative anonymity of the Internet attendees opt-out if they are not getting quality information.

Choose to deliver quality rather than quantity to your webinar participants. I write this because people are busy. They would almost always prefer you to dive deeper into fewer topics than skim across lots of topics. The deeper dive gives you more scope to provide actionable steps that can provide tangible benefit to your webinar participants, so be careful not to present a webinar on a broad topic. Focus your topic so that your participants finish the webinar impressed with the level of detail and valuable ideas they have acquired about that topic.

3. Engagement

Many websites use the word “attendees” to collectively describe the people who attend webinars. I do not. I prefer the term “participants”. This is a deliberate choice in order to identify that the best practice approach is to have your webinar guests engaged and participating. Never think of your webinar attendees as passive spectators who are there to watch you teach or put on a show. Instead, deliberately plan your webinar so that your participants have regular opportunities to be involved and interacting with you (and ideally each other).

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What do you think makes a spectacular webinar?

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