Why Isn’t Everyone Presenting Webinars?

The Elephant in the Room is the Chicken and the Egg

Experienced webinar presenters often tell me that the most difficult thing about presenting webinars is just getting started. I think it is sad that some of the world’s best webinar presenters never get started. There are thousands of people in the world who have amazing knowledge that is perfectly suited to sharing through webinars but they never get started.

So why does that happen? It could be that they:

  • Are unaware of the amazing potential of webinars and live streaming options
  • Underestimate their own ability to influence and help people
  • Don’t understand or are fearful about the technology
  • Don’t trust their online presentation skills

I setup my website to help you and others by being “Your Confidence Coach for Presenting Online”. And ultimately, I think confidence is the key to helping people get started presenting webinars. I am a huge fan of education and I know that if people take time to do the research and learn about webinar technology and online presentation skills that they can easily acquire the knowledge to become a competent webinar presenter. As X-Files taught us: “The truth is out there”.

Presenting webinars

The Chicken or the Egg? (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

However, the elephant in the room is the chicken and the egg. Seriously. Let me explain…

Knowing how to do webinars is not enough. To take the plunge and commit to doing our first webinar requires confidence. Confidence usually comes with experience. Experience usually comes with confidence. What comes first? Confidence or experience? The chicken or the egg?

And I could create hundreds of training articles and hundreds of podcast episodes, but unless I successfully help you and others secure enough confidence to take your next leap forward in developing webinars then I will not accomplish my mission. In our hearts, we both know that presenting webinars is a confidence game. People who sell programs to help you get started with webinars don’t always identify or address this key issue. It is the elephant in the room.

As I wrote earlier, the elephant in the room is the chicken and the egg. That is, the often unspoken issue for webinar presenters is how do we develop without experience?

So what is the answer? Are you ready for the magic pill?

I don’t have it. It’s not that easy for most people. But there are several strategies and techniques I know that can help people move forward with creating webinars. And I have one of those strategies for you to consider today. It is to find accomplished webinar presenters who let their guard down and are willing to share their journey to becoming a webinar presenter and the successes they have achieved. Each time you listened to another webinar presenter who has displayed the courage to get started and has then enjoyed success it will help you become ready for your next step forward. Consequently, I enthusiastically recommend that you either listen to the Webinar Skills Podcast, watch the Webinar Mastery Summit, or find other talented webinar presenters to watch so that you can learn from the best.

Do you want to learn from 17 webinar experts?

Webinar expert, Jon Schumacher, has interviewed 17 of the world’s best webinar experts. I am proud to be an affiliate for the Webinar Mastery Summit and the Webinar Mastery Academy and I am thrilled to promote the Summit as it provides so much valuable information for everyone who wants to learn about presenting live using webinars. To learn more about the Webinar Mastery Summit click here. Alternatively listen to my Webinar Skills Podcast interview with Jon about the Webinar Mastery Summit.

How can we help more people get started with presenting webinars?

What is your best idea? Please click here to share your ideas on my Facebook page.

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