5 Reasons Why You Need Killer Webinar Slides

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killer webinar slides

Today’s article and video identifies why killer webinar slides are so important for webinar presenters.

5 Reasons Why You Need Killer Webinar Slides – https://www.youtube.com/embed/OsdtDdrla50

1. Asserts your professionalism

People are attracted to quality products. We are trained from birth to look for and choose quality options and a lot of those choices are driven by visual packaging. During a webinar your slides are your visual packaging. If they don’t look sharp and attractive your webinar participants may not be as trusting about the quality of the information you are presenting.

2. Shows you care

I am not a big party person. However, I love it when I rock up to a party and there are balloons, streamers, posters and decorations. The quality of those visuals shows that the host really cares about the people who have been invited to that party. Your webinar is a live event and if you want your webinar guests to feel the love decorate the “room” with attractive slides that shout out “I appreciate you being here and you are welcome”.

“People often don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

3. Maintains your participants’ interest

We should never assume that our webinar participants will be fully focused on our webinars. There are competing elements that are there to distract our participants away from our webinars. These might include outstanding work tasks, children, television shows, YouTube clips and Facebook. Just because someone has logged in does not mean they are actually watching or actively participating in the webinar. If we are truly dedicated to serving our webinar participants then we should strive to maintain their interest. One easy way to help do this is to show them attractive compelling slides that keep their eyes returning to the screen instead of other people and their status update.

4. Helps you stay on track

Cleverly crafted slides are advantageous to us as presenters too. If we are careful about logically sequencing our slides and using relevant graphics then it makes it easier for us to look at the slides and know what we should be presenting. This approach is usually far preferable to using extensive notes or scripts that take forever to create whilst detracting from the natural conversational flow of our presentation.

5. Re-use the slides

By making the effort to produce great slides we open up opportunities for us to use the slides multiple times. This might be because of enhanced opportunities to repeat the same session for a similar or different audience. Additionally, we might use some or all of the slides:

  • In an alternative presentation we are developing
  • As a give-away gift for the participants
  • To promote our (or our organisation’s) expertise by uploading the slides to LinkedIn’s Slideshare

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