How to Have Fun as a Webinar Presenter

There are some things each of us know to be absolute truths. For me I know that:

  • The planet is round;
  • There is something seriously wrong with people who think it is OK to be cruel to animals;
  • I will never stop loving my wonderful wife; and
  • People learn much more effectively when they are having fun.

For webinar presenters, the last bullet point above is critical. To create fun you must be having fun yourself, which makes the following video relevant and important.

How to have Fun as a Webinar Presenter –

The starting point for having a fun class is for the presenter to be having fun themselves. After more than 25 years of teaching, the last half of which has been teaching trainers, I have a very long list of stories telling me that if the presenter has fun then the class has fun and that everyone learns more effectively. How to have fun as a webinar presenter is as easy as 1-2-3, as explained in the video above.

Having Fun as a Webinar Presenter is as Easy as 1-2-3

Get these three things right and I think it is inevitable any webinar presenter is going to have fun. And a fun webinar is the best environment for a presenter to achieve their objective.

1. Love your content

Research your content. Study it. Learn it. If you love your content your voice will shine with your enthusiasm for what you are teaching.

2. Find awesome participants

We are all human. Innately, we want to associate with others that we like. If you can find an audience that appeals to you so that you want to genuinely help them and you webinar content that will enable you to do that then you just arrived at webinar heaven. If you don’t like the people who are attending your webinars then that’s a much tougher proposition and it is understandably difficult to have fun.

3. Enjoy the technology

Every webinar software program has fun features waiting for you. Jump in the sandbox and test out your options. Find the features that are fun for you to use and that are going to help you achieve your webinar objective. Keep experimenting, playing, testing and improving your use of the technology and your webinars are going to become much more fun for you and your participants.

What do you think is required to have fun as a webinar presenter?

What do you think about my 1-2-3. What makes being a webinar presenter fun for you? Please share your thoughts in the YouTube video comments.

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