When Should I Finish my Webinar?

When should I finish my webinar?

This important question reminds me of a Doctor’s surgery. I don’t know if it is just an Australian thing, but I loathe the loooooong waiting times that I sometimes encounter waiting to see a Doctor. I do the right thing and book an appointment. I arrive on time and then it starts. The waiting. Followed by more waiting. Of course, it only adds to the frustration of waiting that I really hate sitting around feeling miserable for myself when I am sick. Can’t I waste my time waiting to see a Doctor when I am at least feeling healthy? Instead, I have to wait when I am feeling at my worst and all I want to do is crawl into bed. Of course, this is even better when I am visiting the Doctor when my son is the one who is sick. I pity every parent who has waited for a Doctor with a sick child. That is the pits.

I accept that waiting for a delayed Doctor is probably less fun than waiting for a procrastinating presenter to finish their webinar that is running late. But the disrespect feels similar to me. When we ask people to give up their time to attend a webinar we should let them know when it will start and when it will finish. And we should honour that. As a general guide, webinars should start on time and finish on time.

I do fully appreciate however that if we have finished all of our content delivery by the finish time that it is OK for a webinar presenter to give their participants an option of staying online to ask additional questions they might have. That is probably fair in many circumstances. But otherwise, we should honour our participants’ time by getting out of Dodge by the appointed finish time.

More discussion about this topic is included in the below video.

When Should I Finish my Webinar? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BUTBRkzHdE

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When do you think a presenter should finish their webinar?

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