Which Corporate Webinar Software Should I Choose?

GoToWebinar v WebEx v Adobe Connect v Blackboard Collaborate

Which corporate webinar software should I choose? This is a question that is asked every minute of the day around the world by educators and business professionals. There is no single answer that applies to everyone. Which answer is the best solution for you?

I loathe clothes shopping. Really. I hate it. However, we have recently been hunting to buy a new car and I love that. However, I am a car salesperson’s  nightmare. Before considering a purchase I want to take a long look at the car, research all the specifications online, compare pricing to other similar vehicles and get a really good feel for what I am buying. And there is no chance that I am buying any vehicle until after both Karen and I take it for a long test drive.

Fortunately, the corporate webinar software providers are user-friendly for buyers like me. They almost always allow potential customers to take their software for a 30 day spin around the block before a commitment is required. I see the video below as a helpful prerequisite before you take some webinar test drives of your own.

If you are unfamiliar with the four types of webinar platforms I encourage you to watch this previous video first and then return to this page and enjoy the movie below.

Which Corporate Webinar Software should I Choose? –

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The corporate webinar systems are recognised as being reliable and classy products that appeal to professionals. This is great news if you are looking to adopt a system because in some ways you can’t make a bad decision. No matter what you choose you are likely to find that the software meets your needs and should be relatively easy to use. However, corporate webinar software is typically higher priced compared to the offerings of the other three types of webinar platforms. Add to this the difficulty of changing systems at a future time in terms of re-training for users (presenters and participants) and it becomes important to make the best decision the first time.

The above video is designed to help anyone who is looking to adopt or adapt a corporate webinar software solution. The video shows the features of four of the most prominent and respected corporate webinar software providers.

What are the four corporate webinar systems reviewed here?

As always, I want to help you find the best webinar software solution for YOU, which is why I have showcased the features of four corporate webinar systems, namely: They are:

  1. GoToWebinar
  2. Webex
  3. Adobe Connect
  4. Blackboard Collaborate

How do we make the best choice of corporate webinar software?

Use the following steps when making your choice of corporate webinar software:

  1. Identify your evaluation criteria. What features are important to you? List them down.
  2. Trial at least two systems at no cost. The corporate webinar systems typically offer a 30 day trial, which gives you plenty of time to explore the software, have a play and test out its functionality.
  3. Be on the lookout for a deal-breaker. Is there something that the software does not do well that is critical for your business or school?
  4. Get one or two others involved in making the decision. It is reassuring to present your recommended software selection to one or two other people before making a final decision. We all make mistakes sometimes and one benefit of this approach is that obtaining some other opinions can help ensure that a poor choice is avoided. This can also help create “buy-in” so that there is less resistance when your decision is finalised.

Have you had positive or negative experiences using the corporate webinar platforms? Please click here to have your say in the YouTube comments.