Choosing a Webinar Provider: Become a Webinar Student

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Choosing a webinar provider is a decision that can be daunting. The video below gives you the first of a series of insider tips to help you make the right choice first time.

Choosing a Webinar Provider: Become a Webinar Student –

Choosing a webinar provider by becoming a webinar student

Have you ever noticed that when we first start learning about a new topic that we sometimes become very impressed with how much we have learnt within the first few hours or days. Sometimes, it can feel that because we have learnt so much that we must already be getting close to learning everything we will need to know. However, it is often not until months or years later that the true gravity of how much detail we don’t know starts to dawn upon us. In fact, it often isn’t until we start learning about something that we realise how little we do know and how much there is still to learn.

To an outsider, I expect that webinar software all looks pretty much the same. However, that same outsider probably hasn’t even contemplated how differently webinar systems can approach a few critical but subtle features like:

  • The interfaces for setting up registration pages and optimising the webinar layout
  • How the webinars are recorded and exported
  • Reporting options for reviewing the effectiveness of the webinar

Just like a car, it isn’t until you start digging around under the hood that you realise what makes the webinar software special, in both good and bad ways.

Consequently, my first insider tip for choosing a webinar provider is to become a webinar student. Do this by:

  • Studying the webinar features used by your favorite presenters
  • Reviewing the specifications of different webinar software systems

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Have you become a webinar student?

Is there something you have noticed about how webinar software can be so different? Please click here to share your ideas in the YouTube video comments.

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