How to Use Facebook Live Video

The No-Nonsense Instructions to Get You Started

Facebook Live video has arrived. If you use Facebook and you like sharing videos then this article is for you, as I will give you the step-by-step instructions to use Facebook Live.

My wife and I have a hobby. We love dog agility. You may be asking “What is that?” It is a dog sport where we run beside our dog guiding them over and through equipment like hurdles, tunnels, A-Frames and see-saws. We love our dogs and we love playing with them in a way that challenges them and us physically and mentally. When I am not training people, I am training dogs.

My Mum loves my family, including our dogs. Unfortunately, taking her to an agility competition is very challenging logistically. Sometimes we video our competition “runs” and show her the videos when we next see her. But what if we could record our runs and immediately and automatically livestream them via Facebook to Mum (and everyone else who is interested)?

Facebook Live is not the first viable option for livestreaming the interesting moments of our lives. But it is the first one that will automatically do it via Facebook and then leave the video sitting on your timeline and display it in your friends’ feeds (subject to the discretion of Facebook algorithms) for anyone to watch. This makes it EASY and POWERFUL.

The brief video below shows you the step-by-step instructions for how to use Facebook Live video. Enjoy!

How to Use Facebook Live Video –

What are the Step-by-Step Instructions for using Facebook Live video?

Facebook Live requires no video editing, rendering, converting, downloading or uploading.  For Facebook Live there are no bad words ending in “ing” that are boring and time-killing. Making a Facebook Live video is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Open the Facebook app on your MOBILE device and prepare to publish a status update.
  2. Get ready to go live and add a description for your video.
  3. Start and finish your live video.

Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your MOBILE device and prepare to publish a status update

Open the Facebook Live video app on your mobile device

Open the Facebook app on your mobile device




















Click to publish a status update

Click to publish a status update



Step 2: Get ready to go live and add a description for your video?

Optionally create a description before pressing the Facebook Live icon

Optionally create a description now

















Select the Facebook Live video icon

Select the Facebook Live icon




















Create your description (if you didn't do it earlier)

Create your description (if you didn’t do it earlier)

Step 3: Start and finish your live video

Start your Facebook Live video

Start your live video




















Finish your Facebook Live video

Finish your live video




















Do you want to know more about Facebook Live video?

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Live Streaming Video – What is it?

Live streaming video? What is it? Is it really worth getting excited about?

Live Streaming Video Children

I remember when I first started full-time work. I was teaching business undergraduate students on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast. One of my most vivid memories was my first big purchase with my work earnings. It was a new fandangle gadget called a CD player. It was a beautiful thing to look at and use. I could only afford one CD – The Travelling Wilburys. I played the Big O and his friends a LOT. I was so excited to play with this new technology that delivered an amazing quality experience.

I feel the same way again. This time my gadgets are webinar systems, Blab, Periscope and Meerkat. Live streaming really is worth getting excited about.

What is Live Streaming Video?

Live streaming video provides us with the opportunity to communicate with others live via video through our computer, smartphone, tablet or other Internet enabled device. Sometimes, the video is one way, such as Periscope and Meerkat where the presenter uses the software to teach or sell something to the other participants. In other cases, such as Blab, multiple presenters can see each of their video screens as they chat with each other. There is a wide array of products that deliver quality live streaming video experiences, including webinar software. We can all access sophisticated solutions for using live streaming video that can be used for:

  • Conducting meetings
  • Presenting online training
  • Providing product information
  • Generating sales

I am so excited about the potential for live streaming video to enhance communications at work and home. If you like the idea of getting excited too then a great way to learn more about live streaming video is to take a look at my Beginners Guide to Live Streaming. It is free and you can get it here.

What do you think?

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Welcome to Damian Noud . com

Hello. My name is Damian Noud and welcome to my website.

Damian Noud - Welcome!

I am very excited that you are here. Yes, I am talking to you. I love helping people learn. If you were not here my mission would be diminished. I might cry. Or maybe not.

How can I help you?

Let’s get to the point. My goal is to help you improve your online presentation skills. I want to help you get skilled, be confident, and to succeed in presenting webinars and using other live streaming technologies. If you are unsure what these things are you can click here to get up to speed within 3 minutes. Are you interested in these things? If yes, that is awesome. If no, then here comes the crickets.

Cricket. Cricket. Cricket. No, not the game. That is my code for awkward silence.

Seriously, maybe you don’t care at all about presenting online. If that is true then you are very welcome to enjoy my Dad jokes and willingness to share my life’s stories and poke fun at myself. You can leave anytime that you get bored. You can also become my hero and tell others about my site. Yes, please!

If you would like to at least learn what webinars and live streaming are all about linger a while. After all, there was once a time when people thought Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were foreign languages and surely could not have an impact on their lives. These days, it is Periscope and Blab leading the charge of the invading live stream technologies.

By becoming a regular on this site I will explain one-step-at-a-time the technologies, skills and strategies required to use webinars and these new technologies with confidence. I promise it is not rocket science and the most interesting thing of all is that live streaming may one day become as relevant to you and others as today’s social media options. I am giving you a chance to get ahead of the learning curve if that is helpful to you. My mission with this website is simply to become ….

Your Confidence Coach for Presenting Online

I want to be your Confidence Coach for Presenting Online. I want you to be inspired and learning relevant content that you will be able to use. I believe this will occur most effectively if we have a two way dialog. I don’t want this to be a website where you just visit occasionally and read and watch stuff, learn and leave. I really want to know what you think and I look forward to hearing from you. We will learn best if we learn from each other.

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