About You

Websites typically have an “About Us” or “About Me” page so that you can learn about the owner/s of the site. For this website however the focus is on you. This site exists to help you and it made sense to me that I needed to have an “About You” page.

What do I know about You?

My best guess is that you are:

  • Male or female (How am I doing so far?)
  • A busy person with multiple commitments
  • Over 35 years old
  • An educator or business professional
  • Passionate about your job and excited about your future opportunities
  • Eager to find out how to use technology more effectively
  • Learn more effectively by watching a video or having a play with something rather than reading a textbook
  • Don’t like to reinvent the wheel when there are easier options for learning new skills
  • You don’t mind trying new things and you want to “get ahead” in your career and your life

How did I do? Perhaps I am better at teaching online presentation skills than using my psychic powers.

In either case, the purpose of this website is to help you. I will be honoured and excited if you trust me to teach you about webinars and live stream technologies. They present very exciting possibilities for people who step out and confidently develop skills in using them. It is not very difficult, especially if you let me show you step-by-step what you need to know and the short-cuts to becoming confident and accomplished. I look forward to helping you however I can and making your journey developing your online presentation skills as easy as riding a bike.

About You

Thanks for visiting my site. And have an awesome day!

Were my psychic powers on or off base? Please click here to tell me on my Facebook page.

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