About Damian

Who is Damian Noud? Have I lived a life of interesting and diverse experiences relevant and helpful to you? You can be the Judge as I share a few highlights.

Family Guy

I was just starting my second year at University when I spotted a beautiful girl and asked her for a dance. She said no. But almost five years later she married me and we now have a young son who amazes me every day.

Family at Santorini

My Family at Beautiful Santorini

Reality TV Contestant

In September 2003 I left my job to become a contestant in a reality TV show, which is ironic because these days I very rarely watch TV. I was positive about everything until I was nominated for eviction around the tribal fire. Suddenly things got really interesting.

Training the Trainers

In September 2003 I joined a micro-business called MRWED Training and Assessment. As at January 2016 I am thrilled to still be working there. MRWED has now trained in excess of 22,000 people focusing on training people who need to improve their training and assessment skills. I have had a lot of fun enjoying the addictive buzz of training people face-to-face.

Applying Technology in Training

In addition to maintaining regular classroom training I have focused most of my energies in recent years leading the development of MRWED’s support for our remote students, most of whom study with us thorough online courses. I have spent a lot of time investigating and discussing how the latest technologies can assist MRWED to offer the best experiences to our online students. I love this part of my job managing our online courses and designing and delivering webinars.

Dog Sports Competitor

In November 2009 my Frisbee dog Jade and I qualified to compete in the World Dog Games in front of 6,000 spectators in Sydney’s largest indoor stadium. With $10,000 on the line we had a chance to win if we made a catch on our final throw. It was tense.

I love to read interesting stories that have relevance to me and help me with my real world struggles. That is what I am going to do on this website. I want to share how my experiences can help you. In my articles I will give you the juicy details about my life’s events and tell you about when I succeeded, when I failed, and what I learned that can help you in your real world adventures. I am passionate about helping you explore technology options and discover what will work best for you. I also equally look forward to helping you make good decisions about dismissing some options before you invest time and energies with poor choices.

Am I important? Yes and no. I am an expert in some things and not others, just like everyone. I want to share what I know, partially because I firmly believe that “what goes around comes around”. If you spread good into the world it tends to find its way back to you, although not usually immediately or from the same source. I also just get a buzz out of helping people. That does not surprise me because I think that is true of most educators.

I look forward to sharing all about Damian Noud and in doing so help you however I can. I am also excited to hear about your previous successes and your future achievements, your challenges and your aspirations.

What has been your greatest achievement so far? Please click here to let me know on my Facebook page.

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